Imports Unlimited
4.95/5.00, based on 87 ratings; 66 user reviews

  Fred, 11/24/2022

Dave Thanks for your fast service and maintenance for the Jaguar XK-120 coupe. I was in your shop before 8:30 AM and you and the guys repaired and serviced the coupe. You were finished by 9:30 AM. Always good to talk with you at Coffee & Classics in Winnetka and at your shop. Fred Cady

  Joel, 10/20/2022

Superb knowledge and very fair prices

  Daniel, 10/20/2022

The knowledge is wonderful and expecting quality does not end in disappointment here. You'll pay a little more than some but the repairs will be completed correctly and with great communication about the service needed.

  Ken, 09/01/2022

Competent service.

  David, 08/18/2022

The folks at Imports Unlimited are very informative and do great work. We had a cosmetic hiccup which was quickly remedied. I?ll definitely use again.

  Walt, 08/04/2022

Excellent advice quickly sorting out a perplexing electrical problem.

  Allen, 07/21/2022

Unparalleled knowledge of all British vehicles, both vintage and current. Top quality work and affordable labor rates. Owners and mechanics are accessible for discussion of work to be done and description of job when completed. Best shop in Illinois and most likely Midwest for your imported car--including marques that are not British.

  Jeffrey, 07/03/2022

Teddy and his team have worked on my two Jags, keeping them both in tip top shape, running safely and trouble free. They give excellent advice and are fairly priced. Highly recommended.

  Curt, 07/02/2022

Always exceptional service. Able to obtain rare parts quickly.

  Robert Susan, 06/30/2022

Love this business! Have had my cars serviced here for years, and they are always, courteous, efficient and reasonably priced. Very satisfied customer!

  James, 06/09/2022

Great service. They only perform the necessary service rather than look for ways to make money off you. They explain what?s needed and why. If it doesn?t need replacing now, they will check the next time. They know Jaguars and Landrovers well. You can trust them to be treated fairly. Definitely recommend them.

  Patrick, 06/09/2022

Oh, what could I possibly say about Dave and Teddy that hasn't already been said.......I've purchased 2 Rover's from them, sold them an S55, did some fairly major repairs with them on all my cars. Fair and straightforward is all you can ask of a repair shop and that is Imports Unlimited. And for cool classic older cars - that is what I'm looking for...

  Nick, 04/14/2022

A real auto repair facility with extremely qualified technicians and a pleasure to do business with!

  Shelly/ Martin, 03/17/2022

Fantastic service as always! My 2004 Audi A8L runs like a champ. Thank you Teddy for getting rid of the "crunching" noise:):) Liz you are awesome at the front line!

  Ken, 12/16/2021

D. Schaid is a remarkable resource for vintage Jaguars. Lucky to have his expertise so convenient.

  Jerry, 11/26/2021

Dave kept me informed as to the progress and made helpful recommendation which allowed me to tailor the work to get the best outcome.

  Joel, 11/04/2021

Excellent mechanics and fair pricing coupled with complete integrity.

  Alex, 10/28/2021

It is the place to take your Jag or Rover due to impeccable knowledge and freindly service...Take you Porsche too, becasue unless you have a Mezger engine, you will need that virgin IMS or PDK preventatively serviced soon. They squeezed my Rover in for me and now I don't have Christmas lights anymore.... related to the reason that I brought it in. If you have faith in British electronics, you must learn to have faith in Imports Unlimited too. When the Germans bombed Coventry and destroyed St. Miachael's Cathedral, they put British electronics back into the Dark Ages and they have never caught up since.

  Alex, 10/08/2021

Teddy and his team performed a great job fixing my Jaguar's(x-type) brake problem, which even a European car specialist couldn't fix. I highly recommend them for any one who needs help with Jaguars. They are simply the best .

  Ron, 10/07/2021

Friendly staff and great service. Ted diagnosed the root cause of my Land Rover issue and performed the repair well.